In conversation with Bree Gorman.

Practical Inclusion – Accessible and Inclusive learning.

When Bree Gorman invited LB Learning Solutions to participate in one of their Practical Inclusion events this year, we were more than thrilled. Bree Gorman is a prominent voice in our community and one we regularly listen to. As a Diversity and Inclusion consultant Bree works with senior managers and executives. Together they re-design strategies to create measurable and meaningful change in organisations. That is impressive enough.

LinkedIn 2022 Top Voices.

But for us it is Bree’s voice on LinkedIn that really speaks to us. Bree is one of LinkedIn’s 2022 Top Voices. Bree’s voice is one of consistency and strength for so many minority groups. They walk the talk when it comes to Diversity and Inclusion. Bree is an advocate and ally for all minorities.

So we (Lyndal Box and Dr Dianne Ashworth) got together and added our voices to Bree’s Practical Inclusion LinkedIn live event on Tuesday 29th March. Our topic was “Practical Inclusion – Accessible and Inclusive learning”. The 30 minutes flew by as we discussed with Bree how we fit in the inclusion puzzle.

Digital accessibility topics.

Some of the topics we explored were:

  • why learning can’t be navigated by some people
  • the benefits of thorough user experience testing
  • what people often do wrong with learning programs for people who are vision impaired
  • how good design reaches the entire market audience
  • how bad design can cost so much more than planning for accessible design from the outset
  • why we need to challenge what we know and cater to people we don’t know or think about

We gave some great tips about how to avoid making assumptions with digital accessibility. We asserted that capable people can be rendered incapable by poor design. And Simon Sentence asked a question that prompted a comprehensive response: “What accessibility standard would you say developers should aspire towards?”

While Di’s assistance dog Gillian chewed on her bone in the background, we wrapped up with 5 tips to get on the right path for digital accessibility. Di rounded off by saying “We have come a long way, but we have a long way to go.”

Watch the recording.

Thanks Bree for giving people a voice on your platform.

If you would like to view the recording of Practical Inclusion – Accessible and Inclusive Learning from Tuesday March 29th 2022 visit Bree’s YouTube channel and the link here. And don’t forget to follow Bree on LinkedIn. See you there!