We tailor the latest learning design solutions to suit your unique needs.

All learners. All topics.
We specialise in creating engaging, inclusive and accessible learning design outcomes for businesses, not-for-profit and government organisations.

Illustration of people reaching out of monitors and a laptop screen to interact with digital objects. One person is reaching for something, another is talking and another appears to be thinking.

Some topics we have delivered include…

  • Staff induction
  • Diversity and inclusion
  • Safety awareness and incident reporting
  • Disability awareness
  • Ethical and sustainable decision making
  • Security and fraud awareness
  • Domestic and family violence
  • Time management and financial skills

Our approach to meeting your needs

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Tell us what you want

  • What is your project?
  • What do your learners need to know?
  • What performance results are you after?
  • Can we dig deeper to understand your learner needs?

Agree on when and how

  • We interpret your needs
  • We agree on a plan with milestones
  • We select methods and tools including how to measure success

We create it with you (or for you)

  • We develop tools
  • We co-design a customised solution
  • We bring those plans to life

We review it with you

  • What does it look like?
  • Did we hit the mark?
  • We make adjustments if needed

We all deliver

  • Enjoy the final product
  • Achieve learner engagement
  • Experience performance results and the outcomes you expected
Portrait photo of Lyndal Box

Lyndal Box, Director of LB Learning Solutions

I am always curious.
I love to learn.
I love to create.

Hi, I’m Lyndal Box and I love learning

Meet Hubert!

Inclusive, creative, curious

Hubert posts messages on social media on behalf of LB Learning Solutions. He reminds us how important it is to design learning with accessibility and inclusion in mind.

Hubert the Cavoodle is dressed in a turtleneck jumper. His head is tilted to the side as if he is listening to you.

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