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A free online networking and sharing event about learning.


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Hosted by Lyndal Box, Learning meetup is for instructional designers, content developers, eLearning professionals, f2f facilitators, blended learning experts, and any one else who creates learning.

We come from education, government, business / industry and not-for-profit organisations, and we welcome everyone who is interested in contributing to our learning discussion.

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Our topics are current and so are we….

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  • We meet online, for one hour, on the first Wednesday of every month.
  • No preparation, no advertising, no recording and no ongoing commitment.
  • Just turn up and be ready to listen, learn and/or contribute to the discussion.

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Event details

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Location, date & time

Location: Online event (zoom). Connection details are emailed when you register

Date: The first Wednesday of every month

Duration: 1 hour

Time: 8:00-9:00am (AEDT – Melbourne / Sydney / Canberra time)


If you want to network and mingle please join 5 minutes early.

Here is the format:

  • Event commences for welcome and networking 5 minutes before scheduled start time
  • On commencement, attendees add learning topics (or issues/problems) for discussion to the zoom whiteboard – voluntary
  • The preferred order of topics / issues / problems for discussion is decided by popular vote – using stamps on the whiteboard
  • Each topic is allocated approximately 5 minutes
  • The owner of the topic introduces the context, then we all have an opportunity to contribute our ideas, thoughts, opinions, advice, observations or learnings
  • If you can’t get a word in, raise your hand visually or virtually
  • At the end of the 5 minutes we may add extra time if the conversation is rich
  • We do our best to always finish on time

The conversation

Join in, or listen to the conversation. The choice is yours.

What do you need to bring or prepare?

Well, that’s the beauty of this group. You don’t need to prepare anything. If you have a topic, question or issue you would like the group to discuss (or help you to solve) be ready to share it.

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User experience

Illustration of someone analysing an oversized screen of data. and commenting to someone else who is sitting down looking at the screen from a distance.

How to join

This event is hosted online via Zoom meeting.

Access each Learning meetup event with the provided Zoom link. You can view the meeting directly in a web browser on your desktop, tablet or mobile phone, however for best performance we recommend you join the Zoom app first. Some features are limited on mobile phones.

We regularly use the standard Zoom meeting features of video, audio, chat, whiteboard and associated annotations on the whiteboard. Occasionally we may also use screen share on request and only with user permission.

For more information about using Zoom visit the website page: Getting started with Zoom.

If you have any questions or concerns about joining meetup please contact Lyndal.



    We are a welcoming and inclusive group. Please let us know before, during or after the event if you have any concerns or require support.

    Zoom whiteboard: If you have never used the whiteboard before we will guide you through it. If you prefer to use chat / speak instead we will add your contributions to the whiteboard for you.

    Captions: Automated captions are available on demand. Additional options available any time on request:

    • Improved auto-generated captions using a third-party service
    • Live Transcription (opens in a new window)

    For information about Zoom specific accessibility features including settings, keyboard shortcuts and support visit the Zoom accessibility web page.

      Security & privacy

        Security and privacy matters for Learning meetup.

        In 2024, attendee name and email data are collected via zoom during registration. Two factor authentication is required to access this data. The data is only available to Lyndal Box for the purpose of running the Learning meetup group.

        Reminders and follow up messages will be sent via LinkedIn direct message wherever possible.

        Messages may contain shared URL links, tips, ideas, or documents (subject to sharing permission).

        If you no longer want to receive messages, let Lyndal know any time by email: [email protected], LinkedIn, or your preferred method.

        Group consensus

        The approach to Learning Meetup is proudly decided by group consensus.

        • Feedback is directly invited at the end of each year, and is welcome any time.
        • Minor changes happen straight away.
        • Major changes occur annually.

        Contact details & feedback

         Lyndal Box is committed to providing accessible and inclusive events. Your input and feedback is welcome and encouraged.

        If you have any questions, or would like assistance to access the event contact Lyndal Box by email: [email protected], LinkedIn, or your preferred method.

        What’s happening in 2024?

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        Some things change

        • Registration for Learning meetup is now via Calendly (formerly Humanitix)
        • Event URL changes every month
        • Invitation reminders via LinkedIn direct message (where possible)


        Some things stay the same

        For 2024 we voted to continue our model from previous years by using Zoom and our tried and tested format. 

        • Hosted by Lyndal Box
        • Same dates / times
        • No preparation needed
        • Our ongoing commitment to accessibility and inclusion

        Why aren't we meeting in June?

        Lyndal is going on a mid-year break.

        Instead of meeting on Wednesday June 5th, we will meet a week earlier on Wednesday May 29th.

        OK, it’s time to join now . . .

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