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Inclusive Design

Learning designs incorporate inclusive language and are suitable for learners of all abilities and disabilities. From the outset we consider your learners needs and capabilities so the final product will be inclusive.

Client requirement: Develop a knowledge check for administration teams that all users can navigate and complete.
The result: Learners reported better engagement, ease of navigation for all users, and reinforcement of new concepts.

“LB Learning Solutions is a business where accessibility and inclusion is part of the culture and embedded in every design. It is not an add on or a special requirement.
Ainslee Hooper Consulting is pleased to collaborate with and endorse LB Learning Solutions.”

Ainslee Hooper, Ainslee Hooper Consulting

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Accessibility Testing

LB Learning Solutions engages people with different abilities to ensure our final products meet accessibility requirements for everybody. We can also test your existing digital content and help you resolve user experience issues.

Client requirement: Improve navigation and usability of online learning and assessment for a Registered Training Organisation to meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA and government standards.

The result: Learning Management System (LMS), eLearning, Word documents, PowerPoints, supporting resources, and PDFs were remediated to meet WCAG 2.1 Level AA requirements. Follow up testing by assistive technology users reported 100% improvement for navigation
and readability.

“Navigation is well planned for screen reader users. All of the LB Learning Solutions resources I have tested are designed so everyone who uses assistive technology
can access them.”

Dr Dianne Ashworth, professional JAWS screen reader user

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Workshops can be customised and delivered by experienced facilitators at your site or online. We can tailor workshops to suit your specific topic or you can ask us to customise any of our digital accessibility workshops for Word, PowerPoint, PDF or Articulate Storyline360.

More about workshops

Client requirement: Support the Geelong Gallery marketing team to achieve better social media and website digital accessibility standards.

The result: After an assistive technology user-experience demonstration, staff identified better ways to describe art using alt text. They were also empowered to identify navigation and performance issues throughout the Gallery’s existing social media and website posts, and to address those issues to meet web content accessibility standards.

“Lyndal, Dr Di and Gillian are amazingly professional!
I learnt so much in the Disability Accessibility Workshop, gaining skills I can implement across websites, social media platforms and professional documents. I also loved being able to see the online experience from an impaired user’s perspective. I would highly recommend this workshop for anyone looking to improve the accessibility of their business or organisation’s online content.”

Molly Herd, Social Media Support Officer, Geelong Gallery

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LB Learning designs are developed in Articulate Storyline360 using accessible templates and are comprehensively
tested to ensure the final product
meets accessibility standards. We can develop accessible branded templates
to suit your organisation’s style guide
and requirements.

Client requirement: Create supplementary self-paced eLearnings to support students enrolled in Certificate IV in Disability at genU Training.

The result: Students choose from a suite of eLearnings and other relevant support resources to supplement their learning and prepare them for the type of work they will do on completion of the course.

“Lyndal left a sizable impact with her push for better accessibility. She’s committed to what she does and she sees it through.”

Mark Ziemnicki, Instructional Design specialist (Freelance)

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Learning Packages

We develop learning packages designed to maximise learner experience and to suit your working environment.

Client requirement: Create a comprehensive program for genU staff to achieve Family and domestic violence, and sexual assault awareness.

The result: Managers embraced the message and are leading teams to improve awareness and bystander intervention.
The learning package included:

  • Accreditation plan
  • Leadership endorsement
  • Subject matter expert consultation
  • Customised eLearning
  • Themed information circulars
  • Alignment with policy
  • Face to face workshops for leaders
  • Follow up and ongoing support for leaders
  • Integration with existing support programs

“. . . extensive subject matter consultation and a thorough review. The result of this roll out is a powerful, thought provoking call to action for us all.”

Andrea Hooper, Training Manager, Employment Services at genU

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Accredited Design

We design training to meet accredited units of competency that are tailored
to learners and suitable for your
workplace context.

Client requirement: Design AQF accredited training for the ANZIIF (Australia and New Zealand Institute of Insurance and Finance) RTO on the core competencies of ethics (FNSINC413X) and sustainability (FNSILF409) from FNS41521 – Certificate IV in Life Insurance.

The result: ANZIIF learner enrolments for these units are exceeding expectations, and continue to receive excellent user experience results due to the high levels of engagement and application embedded
in the designs.

“Lyndal managed the project with great professionalism and creativity to produce a well-crafted learning experience for Life Insurance professionals that is both challenging and meaningful. The final product of our collaboration is a set of learning materials with the potential to enhance ethical considerations and behaviours to create real and lasting change in the industry.”

Rob Whelan, Principal and Managing Director at RWW Consulting

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Learner Experiences

Replicate real life situations and use interactive methods of learning to maximise application for every learning experience.

Client requirement: Design a learning experience for beginning Field Inspectors at WorkSafe Victoria to help them remember key text related to common legislative infringements from the Occupational Health and Safety Act 2004.

The result: A board game was designed incorporating immersive tasks and repetitive application of key legislative points from the Act. Field inspectors enjoyed learning about the important technical details through an experience that was both collaborative and fun. The board game was showcased to the minister the Honorable Robin Scott.

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Reaching New Goals

When your organisation needs to reach a new goal we can design learning solutions to help meet the outcomes you are after.

Client requirement: Implement a “branch trainer” program to improve workplace engagement at Armaguard.

The result: Branch trainers who became part of the program willingly took on more responsibility. Their feedback helped to identify gaps and ways to improve existing processes to reduce costs.

“The result was a significant improvement to national training outcomes and a raised interest in being involved in the program. Lyndal is one of the most professional educators I have ever worked with in my 33 years of training.”

Michael J. Walsh, Senior Firearms Instructor (National), Armaguard

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Communicating Change

We can help you drill down to find the best methods and key messaging needed for your staff to remember and adopt your organisational change requirements.

Client requirement: Keep procedure changes “front of mind” for operational staff at the NDIA.

The result: Introduction of a regularly updated “Handy Tips” message on the intranet for operational procedure reminders and business system tips. Increased follow up and engagement
from operational staff.

“. . . significant improvements in processes as well as improving stakeholder relationships in a changing and expanding network.”

Jackie Saddington, Assistant Director at NDIA

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Engagement and Performance Results

At LB Learning Solutions we listen carefully and do our research to fully comprehend your requirements. Then we work with you to engage your learners and achieve the best possible results.

Client requirement: Improve time management, finance, and communication skills for neurodiverse Employ for Ability (EFA) clients to help them achieve meaningful and lasting employment.

The result: On completion of practical workshops and coaching support, clients demonstrated the ability to manage their time and finances independently. They communicated with greater confidence and used new strategies to self-advocate in a work environment. After completion of workshops and coaching with EFA, 85% of participants are meaningfully employed and continue to implement their skills in both their personal and professional lives. 

“LB Learning Solutions work is quality. Our staff love that the workshops and support materials are practical and human-centred. They enjoy working with their clients like this to get the best results. We look forward to continuing to co-design more workshops with you.”
David and Anne Smith, Employ for Ability

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Bite Sized Learning

Micro-learning snippets are designed for
people with limited time. Bite-sized
pieces of information are more likely
to be remembered and can be placed where your learners are going to see
them more often.

LB Learning task: Develop short and snappy social media messages about learning, accessibility and inclusion.

“I look forward to reading them and smiling.”

Honey Dy, Senior recruitment resourcer at AWX

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Digital Accessibility Support

We can make your existing documents
and eLearning fully accessible for you,
co-design solutions with you, or equip
you with the skills to do it yourself.

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Client requirement: Redesign an assessment template to improve user experience for learners and assessors.

The result: Removed unnecessary content and inaccessible PDF formatting, and replaced it with a fully responsive Plain English, and more user friendly model.