Accessible design @ Geelong Design Week 2020

Two free events, one morning, one location

Under the banner of “Accessible Design” the Geelong Regional & Heritage Library will be hosting two events back to back on Friday 20th March. The first is “Accessible design: documents to meet everyone’s needs” presented by Lyndal Box, Dr Dianne Ashworth and Tim Lucas at 10am, closely followed by “Accessible design: inside and out” presented by Ainslee Hooper from Accessibility Business Consulting at 11:30am. Both events are free and explore different aspects of what “Accessible design” means.

LB Learning Solutions and accessible document design

Being involved in a community event – Accessible design: documents to meet everyone’s needs – allows us to create greater awareness for people with accessibility needs, and in this case, to show how screen reader technology is used to navigate documents and websites. At the event you will get to see a JAWS screen reader in action and learn more about how to make sure documents and websites are readable for people who use JAWS and other forms of assistive technology.

You can find out more about Geelong Design Week 2020 and the entire range of events on offer by visiting the Geelong Design Week website.

Or register directly for Accessible design: documents to meet everyone’s needs followed by Accessible design: inside and out.

These events are part of Geelong Design Week 2020, an initiative of Geelong UNESCO City of Design and the City of Greater Geelong and presented in partnership with Geelong Regional Library Corporation.

Don’t have time?

If you don’t have the time to attend Geelong Design Week, LB Learning Solutions can still help you. We can test and fix documents to make them accessible any time, or if you prefer to learn how to do it yourself we can help you learn how. We offer workshops, checklists and tools for you to use with Word, PowerPoint, PDF or eLearning that can have you up and running fast.

Email Lyndal directly: [email protected], or complete the online form and we will be in contact within 24 hours.

You may also be interested to visit the LB Learning Solutions website home page for more information about our other customised and accessible learning related products including: eLearning, bite sized information, workshops, learner experiences and other ways to help you achieve business performance results.