SMB TV Covid-19 Series

An interview with Lyndal Box

Recently Meagan Paterson from SMB Excellence posted an interview with Lyndal Box from LB Learning Solutions as part of the SMB TV Covid-19 Series.

Take a peek at the full SMB TV interview with Lyndal Box (18 minutes) and don’t be put off by the weird look on Lyndal’s face. Seriously, you CAN trust this woman!

It’s been a tumultuous time for businesses with so many forced to close and others rapidly adapting to online and remote options. One of the things LB Learning Solutions has been able to do is help organisations adapt their face to face meetings and training to meet online demands. In some instances that has meant up-skilling staff on how to host engaging zoom meetings. For others, it has been about converting face to face learning to online and digital options.

Designing with everyone in mind

No matter what the online needs are of any organisation it is increasingly important to remember not all users are the same. People have different access needs, devices and abilities that need to considered as part of any online material you post.

In the SMB TV Covid-19 Series interview Lyndal talks about how meeting the needs of every person is part of the planning and development of all the work LB Learning Solutions does. Designing with everyone in mind leads to better engagement and better results.

What can LB Learning Solutions do?

LB Learning Solutions can support staff in your organisation to learn the skills needed to create and provide accessible eLearning, eLearning templates, documents, assessments and digital bite-sized promotional materials. Or we can do it all for you.

To view more information about what LB Learning Solutions can do for you visit our Home page, or check out some examples of our design work.