On the panel for “Diversity and Inclusion”

What better way is there to explore “Diversity and Inclusion” than with a facilitated round table discussion and Q&A! As part of the Asia Pacific Institute for Learning and Performance (APILP) Masterclass series I was delighted to join other round table members: Sonali D’silva, Ainslee Hooper, Gail Miller, Amy Tilden, Adam LeGood and Andrew Mountford for the first Diversity and Inclusion event on February 10th.

With so many questions and issues, and a great thrashing out of what diversity and inclusion really mean I can’t wait for part two on Wednesday 24th February. And in the meantime I came across a fabulous quote by Arthur Chan:

Diversity is a fact.

Equity is a choice.

Inclusion is an action.

Belonging is an outcome.

If you would like to join in for Diversity and Inclusion Part 2 the event is free for both APILP members and non-members on Wednesday 24th February 3:30-5:00pm. Our goal for this next event is to explore how as L&D professionals and key “influencers” we can raise awareness and promote Diversity and Inclusion to those we work with.

Join us for Diversity and Inclusion – Part Two