LB Learning Solutions – 2021 Award Winner

LB Learning Solutions is the proud 2021 winner of the Diversity and Inclusion Learning Initiative award. This award was announced by the Asia Pacific Institute for Learning and Performance (ILP) on 29th September 2021.

Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

Each year the Asia Pacific Institute for Learning & Performance (ILP) celebrates and acknowledges L&D professionals who have excelled. The Diversity and Inclusion Learning Initiative award is specifically for individuals or organisations leading the way in developing a diverse and inclusive learning initiative through their programs and practices.

As a contributing member to the wider Learning and Development profession and community LB Learning Solutions is committed to meeting the needs of all learners through accessible and inclusive learning designs, with the ultimate goal of “improving digital accessibility awareness one step at a time”. Winning this award validates our work and inspires us to achieve more.

During the past year LB Learning Solutions, driven by Director Lyndal Box, made a significant impact at the ILP. Lyndal’s initiatives to improve digital accessibility are reflected widely in the changed practices she has directly influenced, advocated for and implemented.

LB Learning Solutions – accessible and inclusive

Since LB Learning Solutions was founded in 2018 all of Lyndal’s initiatives have involved designing learning with accessibility and inclusion in mind. But more than that Lyndal has adopted the philosophy that if more people design with accessibility in mind the better it will be for all of us. Her innovative approach to spreading the message about digital accessibility incorporates leading by example and generating community awareness by engaging others and drawing them in to learn more. She has undertaken to improve digital accessibility awareness for everyone one step at a time.

This year at LB Learning Solutions

This year Lyndal has supported several organisations to implement Digital Learning Strategies. She has supported learning and development individuals and teams to achieve WCAG compliance and to focus on user experience. More broadly Lyndal and LB Learning Solutions have presented free community webinars for Geelong Design Week 2020 and 2021 and masterclasses for the Asia Pacific Institute for Learning and Performance to improve awareness and standards for digital accessibility. This work will continue well beyond 2021.

LB Learning Solutions is dedicated to meeting international best practice digital accessibility standards, and most importantly, the needs of people with mixed abilities . This includes creating content that everyone can access, including assistive technology users.